Ecobil office, started the year 2000 by Eng. Hani Fouad as a regional office of a famous Italian Engineering company carrying out projects in the food sector in Egypt.

Later in 2007, Eng. Ahmed Darwish joined Eng. Hani Fouad who closed the former Ecobil & together formed the present Ecobil company but not any more as regional office , but agency office but keeping the same name Ecobil & continue to work in the food industry field but much wider & stronger.

So, after about 20 years in the field we are now agent of more than 12 well known Italian companies, and distributers of more than 8 companies as well, we worked as well with some other European companies in Spain and Germany, we had some trials also with resouces out Europe from Korea, Turky, India and China but very limited.

We are happy to be develop well with time in Egypt to be well known in local market working with many companies at all level & giving a good guidance and support in the Arabic area as well in consultation of operation and staff.

We contribute in different Exhibitions in Egypt & in Europe as well in additional to be invited to attend nos of International conferences in Egypt in the dairy, Olive oil & industrial application fields.