Pieralisi group


The key to Pieralisi’s success in the olive oil sector is the continual

testing of innovative high-tech solutions aimed at increasing the

customers’ olive oil yield and quality. This commitment dates

back to the 1960’s, when Pieralisi introduced the first continuousprocessing

decanter that revolutionised the olive oil extraction

process, thus becoming the world leader in the production of

continuous cycle machinery.

Still today the Group provides the olive oil extraction industry

with modern plants that are automatically able to handle all

processing stages and to keep track of all data for complete

traceability of the product.

In 2012 Pieralisi, once again, revolutionised the olive oil sector

by introducing LEOPARD, the centrifugal extractor with DMF

technology (Decanter Multiphase) that represents the solution of

the third era for olive oil extraction.

Leopard is the only two-phase decanter producing a dehydrated

husk similar to that coming from a three-phase decanter; it also

recovers a certain quantity of husk, called pâté, made up of wet

pulp without any traces of kernel. This pâté is ideal for various

uses (agronomic use, animal feed, human consumption, biomass

energy and the cosmetics industry) turning a by-product to be

disposed of into added value for the miller. 


The great experience and know-how developed over time in the

most important industrial centrifuge markets has enabled the

Pieralisi Group to widen its product offer to customers and to

guarantee the topmost quality of technologies employed.

Pieralisi provides solutions to all technological problems of solidliquid

and solid-liquid-liquid separation, as a result of decanters

and vertical centrifuges with a wide range of capacities, suitable

for a variety of applications.