STV, with more than 40 years’ experience, is a leading company specialised in the project and manufacturing of machines and complete plants for the agro-food and canning industry for the packaging of food products such as : vegetables with oil, in brine or vinegar pickles, creams, pâtés, Genovese pesto sauce, sauces, mayonnaise, tomato pure and pulp, ketchup, peeled tomatoes, fish, truffle, honey, jams, marmalades, chocolate creams, mustard, fruit in syrup, yoghurt, toppings, nectars, fruit juices, baby food and many food products.

STV is moreover manufacturer of systems for the thermal treatment of beverage (wine, champagne, fruit juice, soft drink, beer etc.) in glass bottles, plastic containers of tin cans and also of special machines for product preparation (mixing and cooking tanks, brine preparation units, dosing systems for aromas) studied and projected on the customer’s need.
To complete the above wide range STV manufactures also conveyor belts, elevators and other equipments necessary for the automation of the production lines.