Tercnotermica S.r.l was founded on Febraury the 2nd 1973 by the current CEO Spocci Giorgio, and is located in Parma, Northern Italy (about 100 Km to the south of Milan).

Tercnotermica S.r.l works all over the world suppling mainly steam generators of many types and boilers for hot water both to end users ( companies dealing with agricultural processing, bottling, dairy industry, chemical industry, breeding farms and animal feed producing factories, slaughterhouses, etc.) and collaborating with many plant builders, both locally and internationally.
Our customers are always appreciated our ability to supply complete ( Turn key)plants assuring to our partners the possibility to have one referance company taking care of the whole thermal power plant, we often design and execute also the whole plant engineering for fluid distribution line (Steam, condensation, air, water, etc.).
Tercnotermica S.r.l is leader in this sector in the whole Maghreb area as we have been present there since the beginning of our business and we have created an efficient network of technical and commercial assistance in order to better serve the hundreds of customers we have there.