Interpump Group S.p.A.

Interpump Group  is the largest manufacturer of professional high pressure piston pumps in the world and one of the leading groups operating on an international basis in the hydraulic sector.
Interpump Group started manufacturing high pressure plunger pumps in 1977, in S.Ilariod’Enza- Italy. 
Because of the adoption of innovative materials and the design of more compact, easy to handle and quieter pumps, within a few years Interpump Group became the largest manufacturer of high pressure plunger pumps in the world. 
In the early 90’s, Interpump Group started extending its activity to other sectors, by acquiring leading companies in professional cleaning and electric motor segments. In 1996 Interpump Group was listed at the Milan Stock Exchange.                 
In between 1997 and 1999, Interpump Group set foot in the hydraulic sector by acquiring some leading companies, thus becoming the largest manufacturer of power take-offs in the world. 
Recently, the companies involved in the professional cleaning segment have been sold, in accordance with the new strategy of the Group. 
The strategy of the Group aims at pursuing stronger leadership positions as a manufacturer of high pressure pumps, power take-offs, hydraulic pumps, as well as further growth in these segments, even by means of focused acquisitions.
Homogenizers and high pressure piston pumps for Food industry/ Cosmetics/ Pharmaceutical/ Chemicals 
The Company
Bertoli is a brand of INTERPUMP GROUP S.P.A. and operates in the food industry machine sector Particularly, the company has focused its business in the designing, planning and construction of homogenizers and high pressure piston pumps for the food industry. Bertoli, built in 1974 by its founder Vittorio Bertoli owes its solid foundation to the experience gained over time and continuous and intense research that has helped its affirmation as a world level player in the market oh high pressure piston pumps homogenizers designing and construction market; thus channeling all energy towards research and in-depth sector with the objective of high quality. 
“To improve without upset, to optimize the service, to ensure prompt and 
functional solution”