Leading company in the world in the production of stainless steel tanks and plants. 
Founded over 40 years ago, it has a highly skilled workforce composed of 150 employees able to create innovative products of high quality and high reliability over time.
As a guarantee for its customers, the company provides a specialized and timely technical assistance service 24 hours a day.
More than 50% of its production is exported to many countries, which appreciate the competitive prices offered, compliance with established delivery times, the first choice raw materials used and the advanced technical characteristics of its products. 
In addition, the Technical and Business Planning Department is available to satisfy any customer request and suggest technologically valid solutions and proposals.
Over the years the company has patented new products and innovations in the field of oenological machines, which have improved the quality of wines and made production processes more efficient and safer. 
Today the Industrie Fracchiolla is also managed by the sons of the three founding members, who are further improving the industrial organization, with the introduction of new automatic work phases managed by advanced software, to obtain higher quality products at lower prices.