Since 1998 FT System S.r.l is in action on the market, in inspection for bottling and packing sectors (water, beverages, and soft drinks, wine, beer, milk, fruit juices, alimentry oils, detergents, etc…)

Beginning from its foundation, the history of enterprise is closly connected with the design of more innovation and high technology products, in order to satisfy the real needs of its customers.
Today FT System’s technologies and machines are distributed in over 60 countries worldwide.
The company range of machines to inspect any type of container snd product, suitable to be iserted lines having a production speedvfrom 1500 to 10000 bph: bottels and cans inspectors, filling level contols devices to cary out the monitoring of the filling and capping systems, csaps presence and correct  positioning inspectors, leakage/bottels seals inspectors, vacuum/pressure controls, lables presence and correct positioning inspectors, lot and bar code controls, weight checking systems for cses, cartons and packs before the palletizing, kegs inspectors.
The technologies used to perform these inspections include: high frequency or X-ray, when it is necessary to measure the filling level/volume, proximity and acoustic/sound sensors, in case it is nessary to varify the vacuum/pressure inside the container, pressure tansducers applied to leakage controls and to weight checking system, industrial cameras that enable to guarantee carful verification, guaranteeing correct closing, lables and seal positiong.