The ILPRA Group has been producing packaging machines for over 60 years with a completely internal production. Approximately 400 models are built annually at the Mortara headquarters in the province of Pavia and up to now more than 16,000 machines have been installed all over the world. The sales network consists of its own foreign branches and a network of local dealers who operate where the branches do not arrive.

In order to be even more present, the branch in Germany was established. In this way the German market will be directly followed by the Kleve detachment in North Rhine-Westphalia. The contact person for the branch is Geert Elie who, thanks to her previous knowledge in the food packaging sector, takes on this role with enthusiasm. Upon completion of his training we have an important work experience for industrial gases as well as a period as commercial manager for the WITT group’s equipment in the Netherlands and Belgium.