T.S. Food Processing

T.S. Food Processing Srl is a company established in Italy in 1995 as manufacturer for fruit and vegetables processing lines. In that years many of lines and facilities have been manufactured and assembled, which have been delivered worldwide conforming to the principal: competence, quality and reliability ensure a steady increase in production which, combined with the work of installation and entrusted commissioning, provide technical and Technological growth of T.S. Food Processing on specific products. An important milestone in the company’s history was the development of lines for milk and diary process. The acquisition of new skills, together with the inclusion of a new Commercial Division (since 2009), has allowed T.S. Food Processing to expand its client portfolio, which now also includes projects in the Dairy sector.

Nowadays the T.S. Food Processing Srl is specialized in the design and manufacturing of the lines and machinery used in the whole food industry from the smallest and simplest equipment up to the most complex complete production lines.

Highly qualified and skilled staff with specifical expertises: area managers, engineers, consultants and technicians are always prepared to reply each specifical requirement for preparation and processing of wide range of foods. The know how developed in more than 20 years of activity allows us to reach high technological level of our equipment that guarantees the quantity and quality of the final product.

Fenco can supply and install:
– Complete lines for tomato processing for production of tomato paste, 
        drinkable juice, diced and peeled tomatoes, and ketchup
– Complete lines for fruit puree, candies and baby food production
– Complete lines for preparing and filling drinkable juice into bottles,
        cans and flexible aseptic containers
– Complete lines for dehydrated fruits and vegetables
– Complete lines for clear and cloudy juice concentrate production
– Complete lines for IQF vegetables
– French fries & chips complete production lines