We are Egyptian Commercial office for Food Industries, known as ECOBIL, located in Cairo, Egypt. WE are a specialized agency office, with long hands on job experience in the industrial field of very good knowledge from the moment you think what to do, why?& how? till running successfully & after to keep the success & development your operation. We are proud also to tell that we work hard in our field to try to minimize gap between science research & industrial application, by giving hands to both sides. To the the industrial side to be tied as possible, with the latest proven scientifical and researches aspects to feel strongly the impact of science in the practical field, and also with the specialized researchers and professors working in centers and universities to tie them to the last practical industrial application we can support to transfer. Of course all this is through our modern and high technological companies we represent in the area. You can say we are covering four areas in the food industry: – Projects. – Agencies. – Spare parts & service. – Consultation, training & development.